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90009 still awaiting a repaint into ONE livery is seen crossing the Manningtree viaduct with a London bound service - 21/01/2006

57314 leaves Chester heading back to Manchester from Holyhead - 28/01/2006

57604 at London Paddington waiting to take 5A40 out ECS - 28/01/2006

Cotswold Rail 47813 stands at London Paddignton after working 1A40 (the sleeper) from Penzance just after arriving at around 5am - 4/2/2006

47854 leaves Newport with a shuttle to Cardiff - 04/03/2006

37416 is seen waiting to leave Edinburgh with 1Y11 - 04/03/2006

Still in ex Virgin livery is 47805 which is seen here passing Coedkernew with the first ECS move of the day for the Newport-Cardiff shuttles - 11/03/2006

47847 seen again at Coedkernew this time on a shuttle service as it leads the first Newport-Cardiff shuttle of the day - 11/03/2006

87032's working life on West Coast Main Line express passenger has come to an end and is seen here awaiting its future life or fate at Springburn works, Glasgow - 25/03/2006

In the eraly hours of the morning 37401 stands at Edinburgh Waverley waiting to leave with 1Y11 to Fort William - 25/03/2006

During the short lived return of 37669 and 37670 they are seen here passing Severn Tunnel Junction working 6C02 towards Newport - 03/04/2006

37669 and 37670 are seen outside Newport with 6C02 Bristol-Newport empty steel waiting to enter Newport ADJ Yard (taken from passing HST) - 03/04/2006

66515 just east of Penmaenmawr working 6K22 Penmaenmawr-Crewe - 05/04/2006

57316 on the ATW diagram passes Penmaenmawr with 1D64 to Holyhead ex Manchester - 05/04/2006

57316 passing Penmaenmawr with 1H90 heading towards Manchester ex Holyhead - 05/04/2006

At around 6am in the morning 37401 stands at Dalmuir (north Glasgow) working 1Y11 to Fort William - 06/04/2006

66408 while on hire to freightliner is seen at Crewe in the early hours of the morning with a northbound freightliner service - 08/04/2006

37427 is seen at Edinburgh leave with 1Y11 to Fort William - 10/04/2006

57603 at London Paddington waiting to leave with 1C99 - 13/04/2006

57310 passes Blea Moor after crossing the Ribblehead Viaduct with 1C56 - 29/04/2006

37417 is seen ready to leave Edinburgh with 1Y11 to Fort William - 06/05/2006

66127 is seen here at Cholsey working 6V27 Eastleigh-Hinksey Departmental train - 25/05/2006

66180 is seen at Cholsey working 6M23 Fawley-Bromford Bridge - 25/05/2006

On a final trip to the West Highland Line to photo the 37 worked sleeper the only sunny photo from the trip is 67011 working Mossend-Rannoch driver training seen here passing Achallader! - 02/06/2006

90028 is seen here near of Crawford working down Beattock Summit with 6S50 Carlisle-Millerhill. This is one of the few freight trains booked to be worked by EWS 90s - 02/06/2006

On a sunny June evening 47703 is seen here leading 1Z48 west of Hungerford - 03/06/2006

DRS 37612 and 37608 lead 4L46 past Carpenders Park - 07/06/2006

In perhaps the worst livery the country has ever seen 90015 leads a Norwich-Liverpool Street service over the Manningtree viaduct - 10/06/2006

Freighliner 90043 works 4M87 Felixstowe-Crewe over the Manningtree viaduct - 10/06/2006

90014 in the awful Rainbow 'ONE' livery is seen here coming into Manningtree with a Norwich-London Liverpool Street service - 10/06/2006

A 5am start for this photo of 37425 working 2F10 07:45 Rhymney-Cardiff into Tir-Phil (a sight I thought I would never see again after December 2005) - 17/06/2006

60082 leads 6V40 Lackenby-Llanwern past Severn Tunnel Junction - 17/06/2006

60084 'Cross Fell' 6V35 Lackenby-Llanwern past Severn Tunnel Junction still in full Transrail livery - 17/06/2006

66210 is seen passing Seven Tunnel Junction with a scrap train for South Wales - 17/06/2006

Fastline 56301 is seen leading 4O90 past Carpenders Park - 23/06/2006

The first Arriva working of a 50 on a service passenger train to Fishguard is seen here near Burry Port working 1B96 Cardiff-Fishguard with 50049 running as 50012 - 24/06/2006

60080 is seen working 6B33 Theale-Robeston west at Cholsey - 25/06/2006

RhB Ge4/4 III 644 is seen leading a Chur-St Moritz Express up the Bergun loops - July 2006

Cross Rail is a new freight company that took over the RM freight and have now expanded to operate over the Gottard pass with a fleet of 185s. Here 185564 and another 185 are seen passing Immensee working a northbound Gottard freight towards Basel - 10/07/2006

BLS 465013 is seen leading a northbuond freight over the Frutigen Viaduct - 14/07/2006

BLS Ae4/4 251 is seen leading a railtour north at Reichenbach - 18/07/2006

RhB 802 is sene leading a south bound express along the Summit of the Bernina pass at 2253 meters above sea level being Europes highest through railway - 20/7/2006

RhB Ge4/4 III 642 leaves St Moritz with the 10:02 express to Chur via the Albula pass (which the loco is advertising 100 years of with a map of all the loops between Preda and Bergun which the line does to climb up towards St Moritz) – 21/07/2006

RhB Ge4/4 II 612 is seen working a Pontresina to Scuol-Tarasp service at Bever – 22/07/2006

RhB Ge4/4 III 650 leads a St Moritz to Chur express down level 2 of the Bergun loops – 23/07/2006

RhB Ge4/4 I 606 leads a Bernina express from Pontresina to Davos down level 2 on the Bergun loops – 23/07/2006

RhB Ge6/6 I (‘crocodile’ locomotive) 415 is seen here leaving Davos with a private railtour from Chur to Chur via Klosters, Davos, Filisur and Thusis – 24/07/2006

The powerful articulated RhB Ge6/6 IIs are now mainly used on freight but here RhB Ge6/6 702 is seen working a Scuol-Tarasp to Disentis passenger service at Trin - 25/07/2006

BLS Re4/4 190 and another double head a northbound Lötschberg freight downgrade at Reichenbach – 27/07/2006

66208 is seen working a late 6V05 past Seven Tunnel Junction - 04/08/2006

57005 leads 4O51 Cardiff Southampton (this is one of the last regular 57/0 workings in the thames Valley) past Cholsey - 08/08/2006

47826 is seen here leading 1Z40 SRPS tour to Mallaig at Achallader in a lucky burst of sunshine - 12/08/2006

66190 is seen working 6E77 across Blea Moor (an hour later it had clouded over and this was the only sunny photo of the day) - 12/08/2006

37406 leads 37417 at Glen Lochy (on the Oban line west of Tyndrum) with the Northern Belle running as 1Z54 from Edinburgh to Oban - 13/08/2006

37417 is seen on the return of the Nothern Belle tour from Oban leading 37406 over Loch Awe as it crosses the Dalmally viaduct (just after the sun had set due to a late departure from Oban) - 13/08/2006

On a rare sunny morning in the West Highlands 67007 is seen leading 1Y11 over the Achallader viaduct (are 67s really that bad!?) - 14/08/2006

87022 now smartly renamed 'Cock o' the North' is seen working 1M44 near Crawford on Beattock in a lucky burst of sunshine - 14/08/2006

56303 is seen leading a well loaded 4O90 near Cow Roast, south of Tring - 21/08/2006

66579 is seen leading 4M50 Southampton-Hams Hall north at Worting Junction - 22/08/2006

90042 is seen working 4M87 south at Carpenders Park - 25/08/2006

The 'Silver Skip' 67029 is seen passing Cholsey with an ECS move from Bristol Barton Hill to Old Oak Common - 04/09/2006

After being down in South Wales for the last 50 to Fishguard and with a cloudless sky it was decided to have the 4th try of the year (2006) of getting 2R20 in sunshine at Pontlottyn and could we of asked for better light(!) Here 37425 storms into Pontlott

50049 leads 1B96 Cardiff Fishguard near Burry Port for the final time in 2006 with the sun almost on the front due to being retimed via the VOG and being about 20 late at this point - 09/09/2006

50049 returns in nice afternoon light for the final time of 2006 as it passes St. Ishmael working 1B97 - 09/09/2006

60058 is seen leeding a diverted 6E41 Westerleigh-Lindsey past Kings Sutton - 23/09/2006

66085 is seen working 6O26 Hinksey VQ-Eastleigh yard past South Moreton - 23/09/2006

66159 leeds a diverted 6M59 Portbury-Toton loaded coal past Kigns Sunnton - 23/09/2006

20301 is seen waiting to leave Sheffield with 3S11 to Chesterfield - 25/09/2006

20302 is seen ready to leave Worksop with 3S12 - 26/09/2006

Here a Cotswold Rail stock move running as 5Z47 Oxley-Gloucester is seen in afternoon light with 47813 in charge near Radley - 07/10/2006

47851 leads 1Z27 past Lower Basildon in harsh backlit morning light - 07/10/2006

20306 is seen passing Wymondham working RHTT 1Z61 - 14/10/2006

20307 is seen working RHTT 1Z63 across the Manningtree Viaduct (just after the sun disappeared) - 14/10/2006

47712 is seen leading the Queen of Scots north as it passes Manningtree - 14/10/2006

47703 is seen here in shadowy morning light leading 1Z47 as it passes Upton Noble (west of Westbury) with the Intercity Merry Maker - 21/10/2006

60052 is seen leading 6B33 past Shrivenham – 21/10/2006

60092 Reginald Munns' is seen passing Challow with a diverted 6V40 Lackenby-Llanwern- 21/10/2006

66043 is seen leading an engineers trains heading West at Challow - 21/10/2006

66179 is seen leading a diverted 6Z40 Avonmouth-Ironbridge near Shrivenham – 21/10/2006

43136 is seen leading a westbound express at Challow - 21/10/2006

3J96 is seen returning past valley with 37259 leading - 24/10/2006

57313 is seen towing a plastic thing at Llanfairfechan working 1D22 - 24/10/2006

66609 is seen near Penmaenmawr working 6K22 - 24/10/2006

66951 is seen at Milford Junction with a southbound Coal Train - 26/10/2006

37406 is seen working 1Z37 to Gloucester past Coedkernew - 04/11/2006

37410 is seen leading 2Z37 past Coedkernew returning from Gloucester - 04/11/2006

37410 is seen leading 2Z53 Gloucester-Cardiff at Coedkernew - 04/11/2006

50031 is seen leading ECS 5N11 the first ECS for the days Newport-Cardiff shuttles past Coedkernew - 04/11/2006

50049 looks smart in nice morning light passing Coedkernew working 2N11 the first shuttle of the day back to Cardiff - 04/11/2006

67023 with a Crewe-Cardiff service is seen overtaking 50049 leading a Newport-Cardiff shuttle at Coedkernew (who says locohauleds are dead in the UK!?) - 04/11/2006

37406 is seen leading a slightly late 2Z75 Bridgend-Cardiff shuttle past Miskin if it has been on time it would of been in half sun - 11/11/2006

A nice surprise (as we thought we would of missed it) of a late running 2G52 07:00 Cardiff-Gloucester is seen at Gatcombe with 50031 'Hood' leading in nice morning light - 11/11/2006

50049 is now seen leading 2Z53 Gloucester-Cardiff past Gatcombe - 11/11/2006

60059 is seen leading a very late running 6V49 past Gatcombe - 11/11/2006

66007 is seen working a short 6M88 past Gatcombe - 11/11/2006

20311 is seen working 1Z63 south of Ely onto the Bury line in November afternoon light - 18/11/2006

20314 is seen leading 1Z61 past Thetford, this loco later failed at Colchester in the afternoon - 18/11/2006

66534 is seen working 4L85 on the Bury line south of Ely - 18/11/2006

37410 is seen leading 2Z59 past Purton in a lucky lucky of slightly too head on sun - 25/11/2006

60002 is seen leading a very early 6B33 Theale-Margam past Bourton west of Shrivenham - 09/12/2006

60074 is seen leading a early 6C23 Hayes-East Usk past Shrivenham - 09/12/2006

66135 is seen leading an engineers train north at Culham - 09/12/2006

66503 is seen leading a diverted 4O14 via Swindon and Westbury past Shrivenham- 09/12/2006

66574 is seen leading a diverted 4O27 at Shrivenham - 09/12/2006

66577 is seen leading 4O14 past a 'shadowy' Moreton cutting at South Moreton 'Rat Bridge' - 15/12/2006

87002 is seen about to depart Birmingham International with 1G21 on what was meant to be the 'last' day of the returned 87 diagram - 15/12/2006

47828 is seen leading 47813 and 1Z47 Gloucester-Gloucester via Bath, Trowbridge, Newbury, Reading West, Swindon, Trowbridge, Westbury and back to Gloucester at Wolfhall Junction near Crofton - 16/12/2006

47828 with 47813 is seen leading 1Z47 past Shrivenham - 16/12/2006

66622 is seen leading 6M01 north at Kings Sutton - 19/12/2006

460088 is seen leading a passenger service north near Frutigen - 19/12/2006

Re6/6 620065 (former 11665) and an unknown Re4/4 II is seen leading a southbound freight near Frutigen the base tunnel works can be seen in the background – 28/12/2006

SBB/Cisalpino 484017 is seen leading a southbound express near Reichenbach. These locos worked the Lötschberg-Milano trains before the new Cisalpino units arrived - 28/12/2006

11205 is seen leading a northbound passenger near Reichenbach - 28/12/2006

BLS Re4/4s 184 and 173 are seen near Kandergrund with a southbound freight – 29/12/2006

BLS Re465 013 with 011 are seen leading a south bound freight near Reichenbach – 29/12/2006

Advertising livered RhB 649 is seen leading a Chur to St Moritz express service upgrade out of Bergun – 30/12/2006

Ge4/4 I 604 is seen working a winter extra from Preda to Bergun near Bergun – 30/12/2006

460099 is seen leading a Gottard semi-fast service south past Steinen – 31/12/2006

All Photos © Copyright Jonathan Lewis and may not be re-used without permission. Please e-mail jonathan@milepost39.co.uk if you require a high resolution image.